The Program

small-transparent-logoSome part of you isn’t content to follow the herd. You think for yourself. You’re a leader. Or you’re a lone wolf. Either way, you want more from life.

We want to be strong at any age. At every age. We’re WOMANSTRONG.

WOMANSTRONG is a coaching program following Primal (Paleo) principles. Your coach is a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise and a Primal lifestyle expert & health coach certified by Primal Blueprint.

You’ll follow a proven path from the standard American diet of nutrient-poor processed foods to Primal eating of natural, nutritious foods, and from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one relying on short intense exercise sessions, plenty of nutrient-dense food, sleep, regular activity, and stress management.

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Why Train Primal?
Get Lean
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